AJAX Chess

interactive Web frontend to the game of chess.

  • animated drag/drop styleable user interface
  • two player games
  • play against gnuchess engine
  • play against crafty chess engine
  • browse annotated chess games
  • analyze games with scid
  • free (but the engine is running on a slow server)


access the Game board with a javascript enabled webbrowser.

Be patient this installation runs behind a DSL connection.



  • move a piece by click & hold the left mouse button and drag the icon with the mouse
  • watch the top-right info-box(1). - the refresh(2) link can be used to update/reset the GUI.

replay / history

  • select a move in the bottom-right table(3) - note that the tool-bar below will change to history tools. to continue playing: refresh(2) the board, or use the jump-top-end(4) button in history toolbar.

Further Manual Pages

Referenced from the game-GUI:

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