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ocks ====== ~~META:url= {{tag>Bookmark}}
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p/Contents/Frameworks" dependencies=`otool -arch all -L "$libname" | egrep '\/(opt|usr)\/local\/lib' ... bpath } update_executable() { LIBS=`otool -arch all -L "$TARGET" | egrep '\/(opt|usr)\/local\/lib' | ... executable cd $LIBS_PATH && MORELIBS=`otool -arch all -L * | egrep '\/(opt|usr)\/local\/lib' | awk '{pr... th" done cd $LIBS_PATH && MORELIBS=`otool -arch all -L * | egrep '\/(opt|usr)\/local\/lib' | awk '{pr
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e-galleries**. It is **not** intended for //drop-all-images-in-one-folder// use-cases. Organization an... epends on ''filemtime'' which may not be avail on all OS) * [later] detect browser-window resizing al
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