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ion. Let's start with a basic example that should be familiar: const char* mystring = "hello world"... d-only global (''g'') text object (''O'') and can be found at offset 0x00 in the object-file. For a de... == C Include method ===== Now one solution would be to simply write the code in c and have the compil... h the [[|vim]] text editor can be used: ''xxd -i binary_file'' outputs C include fi
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f [[|Jack2]] aka. jackdmp can be controlled via Dbus and most interestingly, jackdmp allows the backend-driver to be replaced dynamically even while jackd is running! There's two main use-cases that motivated me: * to be able to quickly switch between the internal and an externa... most apps can simply re-connect but if jackd can be kept running: why not do so? I did the switch: j
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