Wicked Game

I've been too busy the last weeks to keep up with blogging. So here's a few more updates before x-mas. I'm thinking of attending 25c3 and to check out the dokuwiki developer room there. After all kind of Audio/Video coding I think I need a break and write some different languages before heading to FOMS and LCA mid Jan 2009.

I'm following the discussion on oAuth-body signatures which won't be hard to add to liboauth and might also become a requirement for the dokuwiki PubSub plugin; but for the time being I am laying low, lurking on that end.

I've finally improved my knowledge of c-sound - something I've been wanting to do ever since I first heard and learned it at the LAC 2006. - With Wicked in need for a lot of atmospheric sounds I've fired up Algoscore to produce a score and had lots of fun spending hours tweaking csound instruments. For the title song I've used hydrogen and AMSynth; mixing and mastering is due next Tuesday. hang in there.

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