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utable without referring to the image as external file. Now you can argue if it is a good idea in genera... of [[wp>Data_segment|Data segments]] stored in a file. On the modern PC architecture, every application... -c -o mytext.o mytext.c'' and inspect the object file with ''objdump -t mytext.o'' you'll find the data-section in the object file. 00000000 l d .text 00000000 .text 00000000 l d .dat
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====== xjinfo - extract an A/V file information ====== ''xjinfo'' is a small command-line utility that ... eg -formats''). usage: xjinfo [Options] <video-file> Options: -h display this help and exit ... print XML (default). -t print duration of file in seconds. -v dump human readable video st... one line for each video stream: file-duration,file-fps,stream-fps,width,height,codec,c
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