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pose it to retrieve information about audio/video files in a standard way: either CSV, XML or simplified
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ack audio connection kit]] [[|transport]] mecha
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es - into an executable c-program. ===== Object Files ===== There are various ways to embed generic fi... GNU linker can be used to directly create object files with a custom ''.data'' section directly from any... t file relocatable and ''-b binary'' for linking files with an unusual binary format. # ld -r -b bina... a x-platform ''Makefile'' for creating the object files and adding the relevant flags to the OSX gcc comm
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omFocusRight); Editor:set_zoom_focus(1) files = ARDOUR.StringVector(); files:push_back("/home... c-tools/smpte.wav") pos = -1 Editor:do_import(files, Editing.ImportDistinctFiles, Editing.ImportAsTra
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