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tecture ===== The concept is to create a generic interface that allows to remote-control dvswitch and specif... arious setups and use-cases that use this control-interface. The general idea is that one can use an interface appropriate for the job at hand. OSC is easily accessible: Commandline-tools, OSC controller-apps
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c/OSX C APIs offering developers an advanced user interface tool kit {{tag>Bookmark documentation developm
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). So far I use [[qjackctl_dbus|Qjackctl's Dbus]] interface to start/stop jackd during suspend; disadvantage ... = and jackdmp (>=1.9.6) and enable DBus-interface in qjackctl's Setup->Misc. - copy the ''myjackc... d with identical numeber of I/O ports as previous interface. * tested on Debian. ===== The Source =====
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nd resulting signal (after compensating the audio-interface's latency). (Note that not all grafic boards allo