aics - ardour image compositor socket

ardour2 with aics, xjadeo and my girlfriend ;) ardour2 with aics aics acts as back-end and interface for ardour providing an image time-line. A basic user-interface is already integrated in ardour2; more advanced features are underway.


Preparing ardour2.8

  1. edit ardour.menus (or when compiling ardour) and add <menuitem action='aniConnect'/> below the “AddTrackBus” entry.
  2. make a dummy executable AniComp in the PATH eg. sudo ln -s /usr/local/bin/AniComp /bin/true
  3. start ardour2


Download and unzip:

./aics-alpha9-static /some/video/file.avi

Select “Connect” from ardour's session menu. voila.

aics takes a few options, run ./aics –help for a full list. Most importantly -r <jack-sample-rate> (default 48000) -i <sec> interval between images of the displayed sequence (default 5 sec) and -C (don't cache images on aics startup.


The source of aics is available via

git clone git://

It's a bit tricky to compile hence the statically linked binary..

Provide feedback directly by email or contact me on the ardour-developer list.

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