xjadeo on OSX

Jack Video Monitor for Macintosh.

OSXjadeo provides a native Carbon user-interface for Xjadeo. It's otherwise identical to the X11 versions1).

There's a quite a large collection of xjadeo features which are (in the style of Apple) not easily accessible from the GUI; however most extra-features can either be configured in $HOME/.xjadeorc or accessed with keyboard-shortcuts; more info below.

Universal Binary


Download a DMG for PPC and i386 from https://sourceforge.net/projects/xjadeo/files/


Example Usage

  1. start JACK
  2. launch Jadeo and open a video-file
  3. press 'space' to start playback; 'backspace' to rewind.

[X]Jadeo only plays video, no audio! You are supposed to provide the soundtrack:

  1. press 'a' to keep Jadeo Always on top of other windows (not required but handy).
  2. start ardour - and set it's transport to JACK (the pull-down above the time-master button right of the clock).
  3. set ardour's Timecode-fps to match your video-file (Options → Sync → Timecode-fps).
  4. edit the soundtrack in ardour.

Building xjadeo from source on OSX

xjadeo's source-code includes a script to compile and create a DMG on a Mac. Apart from Apple's Xcode it requires a few build-dependencies to be present: pkg-config, freetype, ffmpeg and of course JACK2). ffmpeg itself has quite some additional prerequisites; and building Jadeo can be quite a task.

Further Notes

If the monitor window has focus xjadeo allows user-interaction via keyboard . The Linux-version outsources the GUI via remote-control. A standalone application qjadeo provides an independent user-interface controlling a running xjadeo instance.

This concept is somewhat against Mac style. So while porting xjadeo, a Menu-Bar got included that indirectly uses the remote-ctrl interface. The GUI has some remaining ToDo (eg. remember recent files, preference dialog, etc); in the meantime you can store preferences or override default-settings in $HOME/.xjadeorc.

# xjadeorc
# lines beginning with '#' or ';' are ignored.
# xjadeo checks:  @sysconfdir@/xjadeorc
#                 $HOME/.xjadeorc
#                 $HOME/xjadeorc



# xjadeo framerate - delay
# specifies how many times per second xjadeo updates the screen.
# this is independant of the video-file's frame-rate.
# a negative value will force xjadeo to use the frame-rate of the video file.

# specify default seek mode

# disable LASH support (enabled by default)

# select the video library/interface to use.

# en/disable message queues (remote control)

# absolute path to a TTF font file to be used for on-screen-display

# specify whether to retain the aspect ratio of the movie when scaling
# the window.  (only Xv)

# (midi options will be ignored if midi is not available)

# -m : specify MIDI port to read from.
# with alsa-midi this is a string alike "24,0" or "hw:2,0,0"
# for port-midi use an integer value of the midi port eg. 2
# "-1" autoconnects to the first avail. input-port with the
# portmidi driver.

# -C : use MTC quarter frames for
# more accurate sync. this is generally
# a good idea, however it taxes performance.

# -M : how to convert the MTC smpte to video smpte
# 1: use MTC information (-v to check) - default
# 2: force video file's fps
# 3: convert/adjust framerates

# do not dispay xjadeo logo on screen on startup.

# END of xjadeorc

example xjadeo resource configuration file

1) xjadeo offers multiple front-ends: xv, x11-imlib, SDL and carbon; a cocoa version is planned
2) http://jackosx.com/ includes the development headers
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