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wiki:osxbuild: 3 Hits
n=10.5 -L/Users/rgareus/gtk/inst/lib/" \\ find out compiler defines: eg ''%%__ppc%%'', ''%%__i386%%'
wiki:inout: 3 Hits
C ports - Connect A/V streams * create //OUT//-port (provide hashed //security-token// and/or ... announce public OSC commands/modifiers for this //OUT// port (via XMPP) * retrieve a list of available //OUT//-ports (from others), that can be used as //IN// ===== Brainstorm ===== * Use XMPP ... * server-side A/V creation tools (OSC-in; A/V out) * server-side filters (OSC controlled) *
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munication that their creatures stroke up.. - I'm out to walk my amoeba. It's a very ambitious project