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====== Ardour 3.2 ====== {{ :blog:a3vtlbanner.png }} [[|Ardour]] 3.2 has been releas
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D, ever, but WTH! {{:wiki:setbfree:setbfree_gl0.png?300 |}} {{:wiki:setbfree:setbfree_gl1.png?300 |}}... ~~CLEARFLOAT~~ \\ {{:wiki:setbfree:setbfree_gl2.png?300 |}} {{:wiki:setbfree:setbfree_gl3.png?300 |}}
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itch is avail on the system (/usr/share/dvswitch/*png) ## otherwise you will n
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sitor socket ====== {{:oss:sodankyla:screenshot-3.png?280 |ardour2 with aics, xjadeo and my girlfriend ;)}} {{:oss:sodankyla:screenshot-4.png?280 |ardour2 with aics}} //aics// acts as back-end and inter
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