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====== :: Open source video editing still has a long way to go ====== ~~META:url=http://www.lin
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====== rt2460 and linux 2.6.31 ====== As of [[|linux 2.6.31]] there is no mainline support for the Ralink //rt2680// Wifi chipset. While there is an official driver provided by Ralinktech, it is incompatible with 2.6.31 due to the fact that post 2.6.29 the kernel's //net_device_ops// API has changed and 2.6.31 also removed //CONFIG_COMPAT_NET_DEV_OPS// backwards compatibility. So I came up with a small patch to the Ralink driver. The solution is to get the module source from (tested with version from 05/21/2009) and apply the {{:blog:rt2460:2009_0521_rt2860_linux_sta_v2.1.2.0_2.6.31.patch|patch}} before compilation.. Ralinktech provides a //README// file how to do this, basically you'll need the kernel-source or kernel-headers, and then simply type ''make'' after unzipping and patching the module source. {{tag>development linux}}
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