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l cancel the effect. | ===== Source Code ===== There are a couple of build-prerequisites to compile th
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executable c-program. ===== Object Files ===== There are various ways to embed generic fixed data with... start'' vs ''binary_example_jpg_start''. -- Fine, there goes some of the elegance of the solution, but th... to/executable%%''. see ''man otool'' for details there. Due to the nature of OSX binaries, referencing ... can done by calling ''getsectbyname()''. However there is a trick that you can use, to make this implici
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eplaced dynamically even while jackd is running! There's two main use-cases that motivated me: * to be... t running jackd is when traveling to places where there's no power-outlet fi. [[ ions are ignorant about the change and everything there works just like it was before with jack1, suspend
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