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s for multiple-users, but at most one jackdmp per user. * dummy driver is created with identical numeb... in source) * multiple jack-servers of the same user could be supported - if that is possible jack-dbu
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- text that was selected. * ''@F@'' - foo - the user who is making the change or 'anonymous' * ''@N@... lugin/dw-action-hook?) * update/improve tagging user-interaction * CSS style * eventually make a 2
weblog:2008:08_22_154103: 3 Hits
ave to connct to the db twice, one to auth the // user and the 2nd to get the info ?? // Groups with spa... ave results when we try to get // the user details from the database (Thanks Matthew Robinson of // 2006-08-30: Check that the user isn't blocked. Thanks alienbrain of EGLUG for the... ation in the db connection string $this->url['user'] = urldecode($this->url['user']); // Test if
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