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and have the compiler take care of everything by using const unsigned char* myimage = "BIG BLOCK OF R... 0x0a }; unsigned int _tmp_example_len = 12; Using this variant produces portable C code and just wo... ction can be referenced from the C code simply by using: extern const unsigned char _binary_example_jp... vailable on OSX. You can inspect the data section using ''%%otool -s __DATA __example_jpg /path/to/execut
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====== 10.6. Using the Mackie driver for MCU and BCF2000 ====== ~~META:url=
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ACK sessions survive system suspend/resume cycles using the "dummy" driver. I hardly ever re-boot my lap... ping. I have no idea why this happens, but simply using dbus-send works. (addendum: I experience similar behaviour when using ''which'' in the pm hook script instead of hardcoding its path.)
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