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ETA:url= YUV Formats {{tag>Bookmark development documentation video}}
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fore delving into the details here's a quick demo-video: <flashplayer width=640 height=504 position=1>fi... wo camera, one projector input), as demoed in the video above. ===== OSC control messages ===== The pa... ^ ^ |/dvswitch/src/pri | i |select primary video-input [0..] | |/dvswitch/src/sec | i |select secondary video-input [0..] | |/dvswitch/src/snd | i |select audio-input [0..] | |/dvswitch/
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html~~ glXWaitVideoSyncSGI - Unreliable timing of glXWaitVideoSyncSGI {{tag>Bookmark Development Video}}
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====== Video synchronization - Screen-shots====== This is about testing and debugging Video/Screen synch... on. The problem is simple and common: You play a video file at a given framerate (eg 24 fps, 25fps or 29... ots:vga2audio.jpg?200 |VGA to Audio adapter}} * video files with alternating black and white frames (at... ass]] (yet another scrolling scope) * different video players (mplayer, xine, xjadeo) in fullscreen mod
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