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12_07_142352 HighC is free for simple entertainment and educational use. Bookmark
11_30_171051 SQL schema designer Bookmark
11_20_221954 Bookmark, audio, development, jack, linux, video, floss , , , , , ,
10_16_152913 WordNet Search - 3.0 Bookmark
10_12_135907 Theora Streaming Studio Bookmark
09_30_210005 The Analysis & Resynthesis Sound Spectrograph (formerly known as the Analysis & Reconstruction Sound Engine), or ARSS, is a program that analyses a sound file into a spectrogram and is able to synthesise this spectrogram, or any other user-created image, back into a sound.
09_30_205928 Intimate Control for Physical Modeling Synthesis Bookmark
09_28_190739 Cart: Computer software for making cartograms Bookmark
09_18_021111 Jack and Loopback device as Alsa-to-Jack bridge Bookmark, linux, documentation, jack , , ,
08_25_110946 Ingex is a suite of software applications designed to enable low-cost flexible tapeless television production. The functionality of the software includes SDI video and audio capture, real-time transcoding and wrapping in MXF, archiving to LTO-3 data tape and network file serving of media files.
07_13_171925 Online real-time, multi-user mixing, collaborative creation. Bookmark
06_21_103443 git update-index --assume-unchanged Bookmark
05_30_163905 Bookmark
05_16_174054 Page that contains the very useful Stringification documentation: If you want to stringify the result of expansion of a macro argument, you have to use two levels of macros. #define xstr(s) str(s) #define str(s) #s #define foo 4 str (foo) expands to “foo”
05_01_144423 Bookmark, video, audio , ,
04_15_171653 http://www.thisiscentralstation... Bookmark
04_12_015017 SproutCore is an HTML5 application framework for building responsive, desktop-caliber apps in any modern web browser, without plugins. Bookmark
04_12_014938 OrionDB is a generic DB front end in PHP for use with the SC.RestServer server communication object in Sproutcore. Bookmark
02_28_041630 Bookmark
02_25_153557 ..not nicely licensed but looks nifty. Bookmark
02_16_150323 http://git-dpm.alioth.debian.or... Bookmark, development ,
01_09_120322 Bookmark, audio, video , ,
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