The classic game of Go_(board_game) - play against gnugo using a webinterface in the making.


Webgoban is number three in the series of gnumindgames with web-stratego and Ajax-Chess.

Note: unlike the other two webgoban does not yet support multi-user games. There's not even user-authentication. I'm about to integrate openID and also update the auth of Ajaxchess and Stratego in the wake. - I will be possible to migrate existing accounts of course.

Webgoban is undergoing development, the online version mentioned above is the latest playable prototype. - There's still missing documentation on the ever growing feature set and that is going to happen after the first round of consolidation & user-interface design.

Feel free to contact me by email if you're interested in helping to improving webgoban. and yes it's a slow server behind DSL ;(

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