DokuWiki Slideshow Plugin

This DokuWiki plugin generates an image-gallery/slideshow from pictures in a given namespace.

General Information


View demo: View slide-show


The following link gets the latest version of the plugin and works with DokuWiki's plugin manager: Download;a=snapshot;h=release;sf=zip&.zip

Usage Example

The Wiki Syntax

{{pixshow>blog:2011-04-nyc?hidectl&New_York_Visit|view image slide-show of NYC visit}}

creates a link with text “view image slide-show of NYC visit” that leads to a gallery showing images in the name-space blog:2011-04-nyc titled “New York Visit” with the control-panel initially hidden.


Note that the pixshow plugin consists of two parts:

  • An action-plugin which creates the actual slideshow page.
  • A syntax-plugin to create a link to the gallery from within a wiki page.
{{pixshow>NAMESPACE [?OPTIONS] [|link-text] }}

The default link-text (if none is given) is “View slide-show”.
OPTIONS is a ampersand (&) separated list: noautostart, hidectrl, notitle, TITLE.
The last given non-special option is takes as Gallery-title. If none is given, the namespace-name is used as Gallery-title unless notitle is specified.


The pixshow plugin is based on an independent JavaScript web-slideshow 1) which has been modified to use DokuWiki as data-storage and for caching scaled images…

This plugin is intended for users who keep their images organized (and ordered) with a reasonable amount of pictures per folder/namespace and want to artistically present and share those as image-galleries.

It is not intended for drop-all-images-in-one-folder use-cases. Organization and processing of images is not withing the scope of this plugin.


Annotated Screenshot

  • create slide-show from DokuWiki name-space, link back to DokuWiki pages.
  • automatic slide-show and manual mode (click on thumbnails)
  • clean design / auto-hide control-panels - full-screen playback2).
  • smooth fading transition
  • user customizable fade and delay times
  • dokuwiki authentication (read-permission is required to view gallery; upload-permission is needed to edit captions)
  • JavaScript & XHTML only (no Flash/FLEX)
  • scale images to browser-window size (binning for width/height values to allow caching of scaled images).
  • Drag'n'Drop control panel.
  • Keyboard shortcuts and built-in help.
  • Gallery-Title
  • Image-Captions (additional meta-data storage; edit captions directly from gallery)
  • Link-creation / social-bookmarks for each gallery/name-space.

Caption Admin

Caption Admin

If you access the gallery with write-permissions to the namespace, the control panel includes a text-field to edit/update the image-caption.

The text can only be modified while the slideshow is stopped (or in manual mode: click on thumbnail). For convenience and additional navigation buttons is available at the bottom of the page: Admin Menu - from left to right:

  1. Move to previous picture (or wrap around)
  2. show/hide links-popup
  3. open controls-panel and edit caption (auto-stop slide-show)
  4. move to next picture in sequence (or wrap around) - (Note: this button is also replicated at the lower right corner).

The caption-entry field allows UTF-8 text with HTML-entities and very basic HTML (no wiki syntax!). Only <b>..</b> (bold text), <em>..</em> (emphasize/italic) and the <br/> (force line-break) HTML tags are accepted. Pressing enter will submit the new text.

The following shortcuts are automatically replaced to HTML-entities:

separators ... - -- () (-) … − — · •
quotes ,, `` '' << >> „ “ ” « »
arrows <- <-> -> <= <=> => ← ↔ → ⇐ ⇔ ⇒
special glyphs (C) (TM) (R) (P) (S) (*) < > © ™ ® ¶ § ♥ < >

Installation Notes

  • increase your DokuWiki's $conf['cachetime'] so that scaled images remain in the cache for an appropriate time period (1 week to 1 month).
  • add &cache=purge to the URL in order to purge the internal cache: pixshow caches image-size for each namespace. Uploading or deleting a file from a namespace will automatically flush the cache on operating-systems which support the filemtime system call.
  • the captions for each image are stored in data/meta/<NAMESPACE>/<IMAGENAME>.pixs.



  • parse user-options (auto-start, show/hide controls, sort-order, etc)
  • plugin (admin) config options:
    • override defaults for user options (auto-start, show/hide control panel/thumbnails) & inverse user-options (noautostart,etc)
    • configure style: custom design.css, icons.
    • disable features: disable-meta, disable-links, disable-admin-links,…
    • allow to disable internal cache feature (depends on filemtime which may not be avail on all OS)
  • [later] detect browser-window resizing also after the slideshow has started and re-load images.
  • [later] detect empty folders (in the syntax plugin) and render gallery links as red 'missing page'.
  • [later] smooth auto-hide transition, fade captions.
  • additional meta-data (EXIF parser, caption, comments, discussion, location, date/time,…)
1) I wrote that around 2005
2) if browser supports full-screen mode
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