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Resource collection about the whois internet service. Links to API documentation and existing implementations.

Whois Export and Exchange Format





Net::ParseWhois currently only supports domains from major TLDs and Registrars (.com, .net & .org – see REGISTRARS for an exact list of who's supported) and tries to maintain backward interface compatability with Net::Whois.

The server consulted is “”. You can only get .org, .edu, .net, .com domains from Internic. Other whois servers for other Top-Level-Domains (TLD) return information in a different syntax and are not supported at this time.


One of the more important goals of this module is to enable the design of consistent and predictable interfaces to incompatible whois response formats.

The Whois RFC (954) does not define a template for presenting server data; consequently there is a large variation in layout styles as well as content served across servers. (There is, however, a new standard called RPSL (RFC2622) used by RIPE (, the European main whois server.)

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