I'm just recovering from the conference where I forged some new contacts and renewed many old. The week before picnic we had the chance to build and design interactive installations presented at the conference in a 5 day hackers-camp. We rented a house with 30 people and as you can imagine there was little time for sleep. Besides supporting the camp on oAuth and anyMeta. I've added the breedr on my ToDo stack: A pond filled with sand in which virtual creatures dwell in an environment linked to the internet-world; reacting on internet-traffic, user-profile-changes or interacting directly via RFID triggers. Come with a friend and cross breed web-DNA to make a link.

The source is online at the breedr trac, read more on our project page. Mediamatic has the picture.

I'll cite my friend Luis, whom I teamed up with for the Breedr project: «The group of people that have shared a roof over the last week is pretty amazing. The array of skills, the variety of views, the camaraderie and the relentless commitment on parade over the last week are truly awesome.»

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