wicked days

I spent the last days on the Wicked film set; driving the Chevrolet Impala set-car in gorgeous weather with an amazing team in the Amsterdamse Bos. Thanks everyone! Before post-production (and sodankyla development) begins I'm just about to release oauth-utils, preparing for the dokuwiki oAuth plug-in. Oh, a film-website is also on my ToDo list, besides ..well you don't wanna know. Stay tuned for more pictures!

Related to the movie-shooting I've been busy porting libltcsmpte to AVR-C and built myself a LTC SMPTE timecode reader. What else?

Arjan, Eelko and me are going to host the touch-screen workshop based on Frontera's justpoint at the DIY festival in Zuerich, CH. I'm looking forward to that, so I've updated the wordpress at http://fronteraproject.net/, the content and a new release is due around end of November as is the sound-track for Wicked. I'm firing up compiling ardour. See Ya.

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