gnome xmms2 control client, written in glade2/gtk+ c.



gx2ctl is in alpha/pre-beta devel, but is useable as fully functional xmms2d client.

dependant libs include libgnomeui-2.0, xmms2-client-glib and xmms2-client.

git clone git://robstar.dyndns.org/gx2ctl.git
cd gx2ctl
make install


  • all Drag'n'Drop - no keyboard needed.
  • playlist editor (add, remove, reorder, clear)
  • player transport control
  • track info-window (display details & cover-art currently played song)
  • volume control (slider for each output channel, link sliders)
  • it does not allow to modify media-lib data or file information!
  • it does only allow to edit the currently active xmms2 playlist.

see the /TODO file and the source for partly implemented features and known bugs.


  1. set the environement variable XMMS_PATH to the xmms2 daemon IPC (default is to use local unix socket in /tmp/xmms-ipc-<username>). start gx2ctl.
  2. click the xmms2 checkbox (bottom-right) to connect to (or launch a local) xmms2d.
  • drag files (URLs/URIs) into the playlist widget or onto the “Add” (+) button
  • drag tracks around in the playlist or onto the trash icon.
  • transport control: play/pause/stop , skip fast rewind/forward (5s), prev/next or rewind current track.
  • info and volume windows can be instantiated by clicking the respective buttons in the bottom toolbar.
  • use window-manager kill-button to close window(s) or application.


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