The Image Compositing Socket Daemon

It's beast I can tell you, once tamed,…

see also sodankylä project and ics.



icsd --help

HTTP interface

ics was intended to react on HTTP parameters only; allowing the base-URL to be independent of the query parameters.

For debug purposes a couple of locations sneaked in:

Location parametersDescription
/stream (A),(B),[D] request rendered video data
/status none display server, decoder & cache status in xHTML
/info (A),[F] return txt or JSON information about the given file/decoder/frame.
/index/.* none (special) lists directories/files under doc-root
.* (A),(B),[C] query frame as image

Parameter can be appended as raw URL encodeded query arguments or specified via HTTP POST header.

  • (A): file=<filename> - path relative to /ics/ document-root.
  • (B): frame=<framenumber 0..N> - frame to display or frame to start streaming.
  • (B): optionally w=<int> and/or h=<int>. Negative numbers imply auto-scaling to aspect-ratio and -1,-1 (the default) mean original size.
  • (C): format=(jpeg,jpg,png,ppm,raw,rgb,rgba) - default is 'jpeg'

only affecting streaming/export

  • (D): container=(avi,flv,ogg,mpeg,mpg,rm,vob) - default is 'avi'
  • (D): nosound=1 - default is 0 (with sound)
  • (D): duration=<video-frame-count> - how long -1: until end of session; default: 100 frames.
  • (D): save_as=<filename> - override HTTP Content-Type to application/octet-stream.

only affecting info

  • (F): optionally format=json



integration and communication with other tools

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