InOut in progress..

Interaction Concept

Flow for InOut Collab.

  1. Create Account (once)
    • agree to CC-SA
    • choose username & pass; request a secutity token
  2. Choose Interaction Mode (for each session)
    • simple - webcam, browser, file-upload
    • normal:
      • relay - DSL, low bandwidth, firewalled users
      • p2p - requires IP, direct access to icecast & OSC ports
  3. Connect A/V streams
    • create OUT-port (provide hashed security-token and/or register on server)
    • announce public OSC commands/modifiers for this OUT port (via XMPP)
    • retrieve a list of available OUT-ports (from others), that can be used as IN


  • Use XMPP for join/leave the network (alike jabber chat) and feedback (xmpp group chat)
  • unique ID for all ports.
  • use OSC for real-time control messages (client specific)
  • provide a minimal set of OSC for simple mode eg. zoom, seek, effect settings
  • provide a XHTML <video/> interface to monitor/select active streams
  • media-browser for available files in the pool
  • simple-mode:
    • server-side A/V creation tools (OSC-in; A/V out)
    • server-side filters (OSC controlled)
  • normal-mode
    • provide a icecast server (true p2p, or relay via server)
    • use custom pure-data, processing, MAX/MSP
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