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Topic::dokupluginTopic::dokuplugin About Dokuwiki Plugins:
Topic::documentationTopic::documentation Bookmarks and articles that qualify as spec-sheet or documentation:
Topic::bookmarkTopic::bookmark weblogged bookmarks.
Topic::wwwTopic::www related to website, CMS, database.. in short: webdevelopment.
Topic::installationTopic::installation Tagged Items about installations, exhibits, and applied hard/software:
Topic::musixTopic::musix Music and Sound related.
Topic::videoTopic::video Related to any Video / Film / Visual production, editing or simply watching Movies.. either hardware/software, media or related articles:
Topic::jackTopic::jack The Jack Audio Connection Kit - in short: JACK. One of my favorite software. I both use and develop for this great creation of Paul Davis.
Topic::flossTopic::floss Free/Libre Open Source Software: A lot is to be said about Copyleft and software freedoms - GPL (GNU General Public License), and it's sisters the BSD and MIT licenses.
Topic::developmentTopic::development Articles about and concerned with software development.
Topic::NEWSNew and old news..
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