Dr. Robin Gareus

Sophie-Charlotten Str. 115a
14059 Berlin
office: +49 (0)30 76 90 72 00
mobile: +49 (0)160 23 98 132


Use Robin's Public Key to encrypt email.
The GPG key is also available from and
Fingerprint: 7107 840B 4DC9 C948 076D 6359 7955 24F1 4F95 2B42

Legal Mumbo-Jumbo and it's vhosts are maintained by Robin Gareus.

The content of pages referenced using external links is under the responsibility of the respective author. At the time of linking, I could not find any illegal or offending content there. If you find a change in this, please inform me: robin [at] gareus [dot] org. I am not responsible for content provided by others in public editable areas of my sites (wiki, comments, forums), however if you find anything objectionable, please mail me as well and I will see to remove it.

Most of the content on this site is can be used in Terms of the Gnu Public License. If no content license is specified please inquire by email.

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