DIY festival

I've been one of the lucky persons to have been at the last weekend. A festival for art and technology hosted at the Dynamo in Z├╝rich. Apart from there amazing collection of Theremins, there were quite some impressive installations, performances and talks.

Under the motto do it yourself together; we've conducted a touch-screen workshop based on frontera and The standards were quite high: One team set up improvised screens using a beamer and two web-cams. While an other team worked with pure-data, MAX/MSP|| and|processing on interaction and design. Communication between the screen and visualization software was done with OSC. We ended up with a virtual Theremin, some touchable flame/interactive flare animations and even improved justpoint software tools with long awaited user-feedback. Really impressive for only an afternoon of work.

It's been one of the best hands-on workshops and even better you had an amazing taste for music and community. I had a great time. Many thanks to the organizers of the festival and anyone involved.

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